PCMH Congress: What You Need To Know

PCMH Congress: What You Need To Know

Health care leaders from all over the country met in Chicago last October 2016 at the PCMH Congress, held by the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA). The congress was held to discuss the future of health care and what that means for health care providers. During this congress, Clarify’s CEO, Ms. Winkler spoke on Alternative Payment Models (APMs) and how they are changing health care finance.

Important PCMH Standards and Guidelines Updates

Guess what? The NCQA recently released a list of updates to the PCMH 2014 Standards and Guidelines. Changes were made to grammar, language, and content. Make sure to review all of the updates before submitting.


Visit the NCQA’s website to see the summary of changes, and download the complete list of updated Standards and Guidelines.