Meacham Affiliation with Clarify

We're excited to announce that we've entered into an affiliation with Michael Meacham, JD, MPH. Mike's relationship with Clarify will provide a platform for projects including strategic planning and organizational development with health care organizations. His work with us will also broaden our base of client services and strengthen some of our current lines of work. Clarify is well positioned to be a key supporter for organizations as health care continues to evolve its emphasis more on population health and chronic disease management and less on volume based care.

Mike has an extensive background in development, enactment and implementation of public policy as well as in leadership and management of healthcare organizations. He served eight years in the Kansas House of Representatives, having been elected while a law student in 1976, two years after his graduation from Wichita State. In 1998, Mike left his legal practice in Kansas to become Director of Health System Development for Connecticut’s Office of Health Care Access where he led administrative improvements in that state’s Certificate of Need Law and other regulatory reforms affecting hospitals. In March 2001, Mike was named Vice President for Integrated Health Services at Eastern Connecticut Health Network, with responsibility for multiple healthcare units including administrative and clinical personnel, leading the successful implementation of a two-campus hospitalist system, in addition to other responsibilities. He was named an Associate Professor at Pennsylvania State University in July 2003. As an instructor and as a student of health care, Mike’s interests are in strategic planning for health care organizations, management, leadership, and health policy. Mike joined the MUSC faculty in July 2010 as Associate Professor of Health Administration and Policy; he teaches in the DHA and MHA programs. Mike is a graduate of the Wichita State University, University of Kansas and the University of Kansas School of Medicine.

Mike's areas of emphasis in consulting include facilitation of group projects focused on strategy development, development of strategic plans including market analysis, integration of multiple units into collaborative team, forecasting implication of policy trends for healthcare organizations, and development of Certificate of Need (CON) applications.

To learn more about Mike, Clarify and our services, visit our 'About' and 'Work' pages.