Doctors get MOC Credit for PCMH

It’s true! Maintenance of Certification (MOC) credit is available to providers from the ABIM, ABP and ABFM, so providers can automatically earn points towards their board certification requirements for becoming PCMH Recognized. There are some limitations in regards to when you achieved recognition and if you are eligible to receive MOC Credit for this year, so read on to know if you’re eligible

How do you know if you are eligible for the MOC Credit?


  • Am I a board-certified physician (under the ABP, ABIM or ABFM)?

  • Am I working at a practice that achieved NCQA PCMH or PCSP recognition (initial or renewal) after May 2016?

  • Am I meaningfully participating in the quality improvement activity of my organization?

  • When completing my NCQA application, did I supply the required information in the MOC section, including my board ID number and date of birth? (See link below for additional information)

  • ABFM only: Have I completed and submitted necessary paperwork to the ABFM? (See link below for additional information on this)


  • Once you know if you are eligible for the MOC Credit all you need to do is submit the board information fields for each eligible clinician and be able to attest to the clinician's participation in the practice quality improvement requirements. You can do this when submitting your NCQA Application.

This is a great opportunity to get some more credit for all the great work your practice is already doing.

For additional information on MOC Credit:

For information on NCQA Recognitions:

By: Bethany Downs