We Have the Best Clients

We feel lucky every day, and it's because of our clients. We are so excited about this recent testimonial that we just had to share it. It's from one of our valued clients, a pediatric group with three locations: 

We have utilized the expertise of Clarify twice now. In 2015, when we applied the first time for NCQA PCMH Recognition, I don’t think that we could have completed the process without a great deal of direct help and assistance from Ms. Winkler. No matter how many times you read the Standards, having expert input from Clarify to help interpret the Elements and Factors was essential. 

In our current effort to recertify, we require a lot less “hand holding” for sure, but we still required the valuable input from Clarify to avoid mis-steps on our efforts to meet the “must pass” and “critical” factors. The experience that Clarify brings to the process is helping us make sure that we not only meet the spirit of the Standards but also meet some of the specific items that NCQA expects to see in both programs and reporting. 

I think that our decision to engage Clarify again for our renewal is perhaps the greatest testimony I can provide. We have always found Ms. Winkler very accessible, responsive, and patient with our group as we work through the process of developing the programs and completing our applications.
— William T. Basco, Jr. MD, MS, Professor of Pediatrics & Director of the Division of General Pediatrics at the Medical University of South Carolina

We feel so honored to work with this group and help them achieve their goals. To see more testimonials from our clients and partners on our website, simply click here

A big thank you to our wonderful clients. We appreciate you!