We have utilized the expertise of Clarify twice now. In 2015, when we applied the first time for NCQA PCMH Recognition, I don’t think that we could have completed the process without a great deal of direct help and assistance from Ms. Winkler. No matter how many times you read the Standards, having expert input from Clarify to help interpret the Elements and Factors was essential.

In our current effort to recertify, we require a lot less “hand holding” for sure, but we still required the valuable input from Clarify to avoid mis-steps on our efforts to meet the “must pass” and “critical” factors. The experience that Clarify brings to the process is helping us make sure that we not only meet the spirit of the Standards but also meet some of the specific items that NCQA expects to see in both programs and reporting.

I think that our decision to engage Clarify again for our renewal is perhaps the greatest testimony I can provide. We have always found Ms. Winkler very accessible, responsive, and patient with our group as we work through the process of developing the programs and completing our applications.
— William T. Basco, Jr. MD, MS, Professor of Pediatrics & Director of the Division of General Pediatrics at the Medical University of South Carolina
Our engagement with Clarify was in many ways an ideal client-consultant arrangement. Goals and expectations were carefully identified at the outset of the engagement, insuring that performance standards were met within the appropriate timeline. Clarify brought specific expertise to our team which we could not duplicate, and it was invaluable to us in meeting our own internal timelines and the expectations of our senior management team. Clarify was readily accessible during the engagement and communicated information in a coherent manner. Our team would most definitely recommend Clarify to any organization looking for assistance in generating practice change.
— Howard Evert MD, PhD, President, MUSC Physicians Primary Care
Clarify provided professional level support, consistent action, creative brainstorming – all the qualities necessary in the age of health information exchange (HIE). Clarify showed the ability to understand and integrate into complex organizational requirements of a governmental entity while providing superior services. Clarify’s innovation and resourcefulness make them a valuable asset to any organization. Amber has been a strong proponent of our mission. The three top benefits of our work with Clarify were responsiveness, help in reinforcing the organizational mission, and creative ideas on evolving the organization to the next level.
— Arkansas Office of Health Information Technology, Arkansas SHARE Health Information Exchange (HIE)
Today there is great potential to do so much more with the clinical data collected in your electronic health record (EHR) system. Whether you are a hospital or private practice, Clarify will help you get the most out of that data, no matter what the scale. They can help you improve the quality of your care through custom measurement and reporting solutions, and develop other sources of revenue from any number of healthcare incentive programs. When it comes to the ever-changing healthcare industry, the folks at Clarify are experienced, knowledgeable and well-informed.
— Jason Czarniecki, Software Engineer & Developer